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DJ Wes(t) operates on the principle that good beats plus great crowd control equals serious fun. Through refined DJ technique and a magnetic personality, DJ Wes(t) will skillfully provide the music that your event needs.

Client-customized Playlist:
It’s a well-known fact that hearing your jam brings out the best in your dance moves. When that song comes on, you feel an irresistible force pulling you to the dance floor. Now imagine feeling that for hours on end. I work with you to find your favorite jams, and then compile a killer playlist based exclusively on what you love.

Skilled Mixing:
Sure, you could just hook up a Spotify playlist and call it a day. What you’ll find, though, is that the pace on the dance floor will stop, start, and never settle into a groove. I use beatmatching to transition from song to song without putting a single hiccup in your step. I’ll take you from one jam to the next and keep the energy lit throughout the night.

Free Personalized Mixtape:
Photo albums and mini feature films help the memory of a great day to live on. That first kiss, thoughtful toast, and awkward bouquet toss stay with you throughout the years. But where sweaty dance floor photos fall short, a tape of your customized dance mix will help you relive those memories into the future.

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Synae (Grad party)

“Can I have your DJ’s contact information?! Please, I want him at my next event!” … said around 10 people at the end of my graduation party. Working with Wes was such a pleasure. We met a little more than a month before the party and talked about the music, the atmosphere, and what I would be looking for that evening.

I asked for more of an “old school” R&B style of music for eating and talking and then hip hop/party music for the dancing part and the music that Wes played was perfect.

My mom and other guests in her generation enjoyed hearing music they grew up with, music that I didn’t even know much about, so it was clear how much work Wes put into selecting songs that would fit the mood of the party. When we transitioned into dancing, he started with music that everyone knew the dance to – the Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide – which got everyone to their feet and then transitioned into party style music. Nothing he played was vulgar or inappropriate, and everyone from my little cousins to great aunts enjoyed themselves.

The only thing I provided for him was a table and he had everything else he needed. I’m still so impressed by how accommodating he was and how clearly he was able to communicate with me, since I don’t know much at all about DJ’ing and how much it entails. Wes came on time, set up and got music playing almost instantly and if he needed anything, he went directly to the caterers who owned the space for assistance while I tried to finish last minute decorations and setting up. He was professional and had everything in control the entire night.

I’m most grateful for the way that Wes interacted with my guests. He took song requests, got down and danced for a bit when no one else seemed interested, took the time to introduce himself while he was trying to work, and went out of his way to be kind to everyone. There were times when people would come up to me and point out how much he was enjoying himself as he stood on the stage and danced alone while DJ’ing. I still have friends and family members that ask about him and want his contact information for their events 3 months later. After the party, he thanked me for asking him to be a part of the celebration and giving him the honor of making it special – no one does that. I can guarantee that music is more than job to Wes, it’s a part of who he is, and this passion coexists with his desire to make the people around him feel good. What more could you want in someone who sets the tone of your event? I honestly can’t thank him enough for making my graduation party great. I’ve seen him at weddings provide the exact experience I wanted for my guests and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to make their occasion a bit more special.

Thanks Wes!

Paul and Sim (Wedding)

I used Wes for my May 2015 wedding and cannot say enough what a great decision that was! Of all of my vendors for the big day, he was hands-down the most attentive! He met with us several times to make sure he knew exactly what we wanted, and he helped us to make a timeline for the day-of.

He was extremely patient as my (then) fiancé and I realized we were relatively unsure of what we wanted in terms of music and an emcee. Wes was so instrumental in helping us think through the logistics of the day and offered valuable suggestions. Working with him was refreshing-he is very passionate about his art and was focused on making us happy!

  On the actual day, he came prepared and made it a wonderful day for us and the guests. Everyone had a great time and, when there was a lull in the actual dancing (you know, end of night, people are tired), he actually got everyone back out there! His energy as an emcee was infectious. After your guests have eaten, they are looking to have a good time and that is what Wes provided. When we asked for last minute requests or accidentally did something out-of-order on our timeline, he was smooth and rolled with it. He made our little mistakes seamless and our guests were none-the-wiser.  It was very skillful.

  After my wedding, I received many praises and inquiries about my DJ, including from my grandma! He is professional and very fun to work with. Wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful if you work with the right people-Wes will exceed your expectations. I highly recommend him for your event." 



$900/4hr, $1000/5hr, $1100/6hr

(t) Client-Customized Playlist
(t) Live Music Mixing
(t) Emcee Services
(t) Free Wedding Mixtape



(t) Client-Customized Playlists
(t) Live Music Mixing
(t) Emcee Services


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